Bruce Parker Agriculture Consulting

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There is a huge difference between knowing and doing. The difference for us at BPAG is real world sustainability in profitability, market share and customer loyalty. BPAG closes the gap between training and performance. The key is reality based execution of the performance management strategies by a leader in the field.

The products in our PACE collection are :


Selling in a Changing Environment


Customers love to buy but hate to be sold. This program is specifically tailored to your industry and reinforced with one on one sales  We will teach your sales people how to close more sales per contact , improve productivity , enhance customer loyalty versus satisfaction and increase overall profitability.


Situational Coaching


There is a difference between busy and accomplishment. We teach your managers how to accomplish more in less time. Our concept is to blend the right amounts of autocratic and democratic coaching style tailored to the situational need and the developmental level of the salesperson.  BPAC answers the question of how to develop your employees to their fullest potential using influence style to have average performers perform above average all of the time.


Play to Win

Good  is the enemy of Great . All companies have a culture, generally defined by the customers and the employees as "The way things are"

Often the existence of this culture is detrimental to sustainable growth and increased profitability. BPAG help you establish a culture of growth. We help you develop strategies to change your score from success to significance.


Rates available for half day, full day or multi-days.