Bruce Parker Consulting


Bruce Parker Ag Consultants (BPAC) analyzes and reviews a wide variety of products

and technologies used in agriculture, animal health, food and performance animal

nutrition and environmental situations from all around the world. After a thorough

review, BPAC sets up distribution, marketing, sales and technical support and training

for these key products. Only those products that offer end-users a production or

performance benefit are brought into the sales stream.     

Currently BPAC represents the following unique opportunity product: BiOWiSH-Odor 



BiOWiSH Technologies has developed one of the most efficient, cost effective and safe solutions for

immediate odor relief to some of the world's most intensive odor problems. BiOWiSH-Odor works

rapidly to eliminate odors not just mask them as so many agents do at their molecular source.

Using completely organic materials, BiOWiSH-Odor is a cocktail of active microbials that create a

powerful combination of active enzymes, that in the presence of our proprietary blend of co-enzymes

and co-factors, have unparalleled ability to remove the most persistent and intensive odors within

minutes. BiOWiSH biochemically alters the pathways of decomposition and accelerates and

encourages the process of natural degradation. The net result is the elimination of odor before

it even has a chance to form.     

Through the ability of the BiOWiSH-Odor  microbes to rapidly multiply they naturally expand in

number to meet the volume of waste that needs to be decomposed. The microbes then excrete

specialized combinations of enzymes that rapidly begin to decompose the waste matter that is

causing the organic odor. Unlike natural bacteria the pathways of metabolism between the enzyme

and its corresponding bacteria rapidly accelerates the decomposition process to the point where the

odor-causing intermediate metabolites simply do not exist.    


BiOWiSH-Odor is able to create environmental conditions where the natural bacteria can continue

to perform its task including the final methane phase conversion of acids and alcohols into non-odorous

methane, carbon dioxide, water and energy.     

BiOWiSH-Odor is also extremely effective at rapidly digesting ammonia, which also acts to inhibit

many types of natural bacteria including the natural methane forming bacteria  ideal for poultry

operations where ammonia is an environmental and bird-health issue. 


For more information on enzymes please refer to our Fact Sheet on Enzymes which can be

downloaded from our website www.biowishtechnologies.  If you have technical questions or wish to be

a BiOWiSH-Odor distributor or dealer, contact BPAC direct at 1-888-712-BPAC (2722).