Bruce Parker Agriculture Consulting

National and International Reach


Bruce Parker Ag Consulting was founded in 2008 as an agriculture and feed industry consulting business. BPAC's goal is to work directly with clients who deal with dealers, distributors, industry and the end producer in building a comprehensive nutrition and health program to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing production. To facilitate the achievement of this goal, BPAC relies on more than 50 years in the animal feeding and health marketplace. With headquarters in Minneapolis, BPAC provides customized solutions to nationwide and international clients. The company continues its growth under the leadership, vision and passion of its core management team.  

Parker has extensive experience in animal nutrition, vitamin enhancement and general agriculture and animal production system development. He is also an expert in sales team training, product positioning, sales enhancement and opening up markets and profit potential. This enables Parker to deliver the kind of innovative leadership that keeps BPAC on the cutting-edge of nutritional enhancement products and service providers.  

BPAC's service and consulting strengths include:

  • Executive leadership and stellar sales performance programs.
  • Global market introductions in livestock animal nutrition industries.
  • Highly knowledgeable in areas of feeds and feeding, animal production and product distribution and service.
  • Highly networked in the global feeding and nutrition industries.
  • High sense of urgency in generating and closing deals with remarkable results.
  • Consistently helping clients over-achieve sales goals during peak and valley economic condition.