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My friend Jim Whitt sums up one of the biggest challenges I see facing our industry.  It is time to leave our "invisible prison cells" and take a step towards the future.  Do you know where your future is going?

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Bruce Parker Ag Consultants (BPAC) is a highly experienced, client-centric ag-specific strategy, training and marketing assistance consulting service. At BPAC we specialize in quality, custom solutions designed to take clients to the next level, maximize their performance and achieve key business initiatives.  

Bruce Parker Ag Consulting (BPAC) was formed to provide busy owners, managers and sales team leaders with an experienced consultant who understands the sales, marketing and service commitment of today's agribusiness.  

Business Consulting, Business Success  
Sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of everything and make sure you are running your business the best way possible. We help our clients with anything from strategy to actual marketing, product development, distribution and sales training. Our range of experience covers businesses in nutritional supplementation strategies all the way to sales training, dealer/distributor networking and product marketing. We've generated a lot of growth for our clients and worked with enough companies to understand how businesses can truly succeed.  

What Sets BPAC Apart  
Our wealth of expertise enables us to develop top-quality, exclusive sales and marketing solutions that will create a measurable difference in your companies performance and profitability. Our highly customized solutions are not just created to work; they are created to work specifically for you. Our success is a direct reflection of your success and we pride ourselves on being a consultative partner that helps you achieve your unique business objectives at the right price.  

If you need an outside company with experience catering to diverse business needs, give us a call.